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Building Success


  • Consider the motivation behind an acquisition. Understand the driving force for acquiring property. We help our clients guide their individual and greater motivations as to why they are in the market to purchase new assets.

  • Client's expectations are important in the fundamental outcome of what they set out to accomplish. Our goal is to illustrate the realities of the market and the many spectrums of purchasing real estate assets.

  • Execution, is the way to success. There are no short cuts to executing a real estate deal properly. Taking pride in our ability to get things done is the foundation of who we are as a company.

  • With a strong focus on Southern California, we have access to a large network of both on and off market properties that leads us to make the right acquisitions for our clients needs. By assessing the needs and risk levels of our clients, we identify the best assets that fits their investment needs for present and future.


  • A corporation, individual, or a family's decision to dispose of real estate comes from many different perspectives and motivations. Whether it's of an immediate need, a strong desire, or to exploit economically advantageous market conditions, we have the ability to manage and execute the disposition of our client's properties with unparalleled commitment to achieving the highest price and the most preferred and best terms.

  • It is our goal, that our clients expectations of desired results are always exceeded. Problems arise in the process of selling real estate, and we find solutions in order to maintain and facilitate the desired results.




Tenant Representation                                                                  

  • We analyze the core needs of each client and strategize for both their short and long term goals for their company and for the proposed space. Cost per foot, gross and net revenues, foot and vehicular traffic, commercial and residential surroundings, walkability, and accessibility are among some of the fundamentals we take into account for each client and space. 

  • We bridge the gaps between the knowns and unknowns of all the potential spaces that we are considering for our clients. We take out the guessing game, and bring in a scientific and unemotional method of approaching whether a location is the right fit for the client. Growth, stability, flexibility, functionality, and design are all things we take into account when solidifying new space. 

  • We are constantly learning about areas, design, and everything in between to negotiate with the utmost knowledge and expertise.



Landlord Representation                                         

  • We set out to maximize the value and long-term profitability of your property or portfolio. 

  • GR understands how to properly position the product in the marketplace, create and execute marketing plans, identify prospective tenants, negotiate the proper terms, and manage all of the necessary steps associated with the leasing process.

  • Maintaining your property's low vacancy, high returns and continuous stability is the core of what we do as a Landlord Rep.

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